Our Best Summer Dog Beds

Posted on : 19/01/2024

In a world where our furry companions hold a special place in our hearts, it’s only natural to seek the very best for their comfort and well-being. Here in Australia we are known for our outdoor summer activities, and this extends to our pets. Dog owners often seek outdoor beds that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of an active dog’s lifestyle. We find beds made from tough materials like our Ripstop fabric and those with reinforced stitching tend to be great choices for those looking for long-lasting products.

Check out our best selling summer products below!

Australian Made Range

We take pride in producing all our products with an emphasis on quality, durability, and functionality. The majority of our beds proudly wear the Australian Made tag and our commitment to local craftsmanship ensures that pet owners receive products that not only meet stringent standards but also support the country’s economy.

Outdoor Ripstop Walled Dog Bed
Superior Pet Goods Ortho Dog Lounger in Ripstop fabric

Our beds are designed right here by us. We make our own Australian made filling with zero waste Australian foam and recycled PET for our soft filled beds, source only the best quality Australian made foam for our mattress and orthopaedic beds and assemble each bed here in Melbourne at our Mordialloc headquarters.

Ripstop Dog Loungers

During summer we Aussies spend a lot of time outdoors playing, entertaining and relaxing with our pets. Our Ripstop Dog Loungers are the perfect walled bed for your pooch to lounge in and be part of the action. They are available with a soft filled or orthopaedic base and have comfy bolsters on all sides provide a comfy head rest while the durable Ripstop fabric is water repellent and so easy to clean, simply wipe down with a cloth for a quick refresh, or whip the covers off to throw into the machine.

Ripstop Ortho Dog Mats

Our best selling orthopaedic dog mat is an essential summer must have! Hard wearing, water repellent and super comfortable with 10cm high convoluted Australian foam inside, this bed is also lightweight and easy to travel with. Use on the patio, veranda, in the lounge or in the car! Our Ortho Mats provide a low profile comfy position for active pooches to take a rest and recharge before their next adventure.

Superior Pet Essentials® Range

Australia’s Favourite Raised Bed

If you have a dog that spends a lot of time outdoors we strongly encourage pet parents to invest in a raised dog bed. Designed for the Australian climate and built to last, our raised dog beds feature a fully welded 1.2mm thick galvanised steel tube frame that prevents rusting from the inside out.

Our raised beds keep dogs off hot concrete or tiles and allow air to circulate under and over pets helping to keep them cool. With 4 sizes and a range of different cover and fabric options you can change your cover to change your look or use. Our economical Hessian Raised Beds are durable, ecofriendly and because they are made from natural jute they have great heat resistance properties.

Our Original Flea Free and best selling HD Flea Free not only provide the benefit of keeping your dog off the ground with increased air flow but the open weave construction means fleas can’t nest which is important in Spring and Summer. These beds are weather and water resistant and will see your pet through many many summers.

Our range of canvas raised beds and covers offer a stylish addition to your pets outdoor living space. With covers manufactured from lightweight twilled canvas, their high thread count, tightly woven construction and PVC backing make these covers both water and wind-resistant. Of course, they are fully washable too (allowing you to maintain a hygienic environment for your family and pet). All our covers are super easy to fit, simply slide over the frame and adjust the tabs on the back.