The dog bed that caters to every dog

Posted on : 02/02/2024

The Superior Pet Plus Dog Lounger in Aspen

All about the Superior Pet Plus® Dog Lounger

When we set out to make the Dog Lounger we wanted to offer an extremely well crafted and affordable Australian Made pet bed suitable for all breeds and sizes, but that also catered to the owner and pets individual needs. Every pet is different – some dogs are high energy outdoor adventurers, others spend a lot of their time indoor sleeping, some are a little harder on their beds or drop so much hair that their owners need a bed that is very easy to clean, and then we have our older fur friends who need a little more support for their bones and joints.

Choose from an orthopaedic or a sumptuous soft filled base!

Just like humans, dogs have preferences too!

We’re happy to say we succeeded and The Superior Pet Plus® Dog Lounger is not only suitable for all breeds and sizes but is also available in two comfort options tailored to your pets unique needs: a cosy Australian made soft-filled base or a thick Australian made orthopaedic foam base.

Just like humans, dogs have preferences too! Our orthopaedic foam base is perfect for dogs that require some extra comfort and cushioning due to age, arthritis, injury and to promote healthy joint and bone health in dogs with congenital disorders. Our soft filled dog lounger is a great choice for those dogs that like to nest and move around the filling to their liking (you might see them digging in their bed) and snuggle down.

With a number of finishing options to choose from including outdoor water repellent materials to luxurious furnishing grade fabrics this bed will suit the fussiest of pets!

Finishing Options

Gone are the days of the smelly old saggy pet beds shoved away in the corner of the laundry, these days our pets beds are part of our homes with pride of place in lounge or family rooms, or part of the furniture on decks and patios.

Choose your dog lounger tailored with a selection of premium fabrics, including durable water resistant Ripstop or furnishing grade textiles and faux furs. Covers and soft filled inserts are removable, refillable and machine washable helping to keep them fresh while the structured shape, generously padded walls and fabrics of the dog lounger blend seamlessly with today’s interiors.

Ripstop Fabric

For those that are a little harder on their beds, or for a water repellent outdoor option our Ripstop Dog Lounger offers durability and stands up to paws, claws and damp coats. Ripstop is an excellent fabric in the warmer weather and is easy to clean requiring only a shake to dislodge pet hair and a quick wipe down to freshen up between washes. The woven construction and pattern of reinforced stitching in Ripstop fabric means that small tears cannot easily spread.

Faux Fur & Two Tone Fabrics

Complementary two tone fabrics line the outer walls of the bed while calming sensory long pile fur or incredibly soft shorter pile fur lines the inside providing comfort and warmth. Dog hair is easily removed from our quality faux furs with a vigorous shake. Our denser shorter pile furs will also stand up to a light vacuum.

Australian Made Foam Inside

Australian Made Orthopaedic Foam
Australian made orthopaedic foam treated with ultrafresh and with the sensitive choice tick of approval.
Australian Made soft fill, with furniture grade recycled PET Fibre and zero waste Australian foam crumb

The Dog Lounger is filled to the brim with Australian made foam treated with Ultrafresh, and our own soft filling made with a blend of recycled PET fibre from post consumer plastics and zero waste Australian foam crumb – made right here at our Mordialloc headquarters.

While many dog beds are filled with PET fibre the majority of beds are imported already filled with the same fibre soft toys and low grade cushions use. The fibre we use is upholstery grade fibre found in furniture which has better bounce-back and requires less crumbed foam to keep it plump.

Bolstered walls not only offer protection but provide a cosy spot for your pet to rest their heads and allow them to watch the world go by in utmost comfort.

The Dog Lounger is available in four sizes, from Mini through to Jumbo for the larger of our four legged friends, or for those that like to share.