How To Stop My Dog Chewing Their Bed?

Posted on : 09/09/2021

Is the above a familiar scene at your place?

The dreaded dog bed fluff explosion

Are your dog beds chew proof? Why does my dog chew their bed? How to stop my dog chewing their bed? We’re asked these questions all the time. If you’ve been asking the same questions, this article is for you! Let’s look at some reasons why dogs chew their bedding, how to prevent this destructive behaviour and answer the age-old question, “is there such thing as an indestructible soft dog bed?”.

Chewing is natural canine behaviour

Firstly, dogs and puppies chew! It’s normal behaviour and should not be punished. Puppies chew to explore the world and when they’re teething. Just like babies, they will experience pain as their teeth come through and chewing helps them to alleviate that pain.

In adult dogs, chewing is nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing combats boredom and can relieve anxiety or frustration. Destructive chewing and scratching can occur in dogs for reasons such as separation anxiety, hunger, lack of stimulation (both mental and physical), stress and frustration.

If your dog has never chewed anything they shouldn’t before (even as a young puppy), lucky you! Beware, it can happen at any stage in their life. It’s important to monitor any changes in behaviour that may lead to destructive acts, that will ensure your pup will live their best, happy and healthy life.

Chewing can combat boredom and relieve anxiety in dogs.

Tactics for tackling unwanted chewing in dogs

1. Offer plenty of toys and treats, rotate them to keep your dog interested and stimulated. Often, chewing and unwanted behaviours are caused by boredom and lack of mental stimulation, as well as attention seeking.

2. Dogs are clever and need to be stimulated. Check out your local pet store or online for interactive toys and other ideas.

3. Lots of exercise makes for a healthy and tired pup who won’t have much energy left to destroy their bed.

4. If you’re still having issues, training aids such as chew-repellent and bitter sprays can work a treat.

Will Superior Pet Goods beds stand up to chewing?

Yes, our dog beds our durable. Yes, they’re made from quality furniture grade materials. Yes, our workmanship is top quality. Yes, they will last a very long time if cared for properly. NO, they are not indestructible. Nothing soft is indestructible when it comes to dogs. Remember they can chew through solid bone after all. A soft dog bed no matter how durable will be no match for their sharp teeth.

Invest in a quality dog bed & introduce it slowly

Purchase a bed like one from our comprehensive range so they have a safe and relaxed spot to call their own. Nothing upsets us more than seeing a beautiful bed purchased for a pet with the best intentions, only for them to chew it to pieces, as it hasn’t been introduced to them in the best way.

We’ve got some tips for you to make the introduction seamless and to set you up for success, ensuring your best friend has a comfy sleeping spot for a very long time to come! This applies to new puppy parents and owners of adult dogs alike.

Tips for introducing a new dog bed

1. Do not leave your dog unattended with their new bed straight away. Introduce it slowly whilst you are there to supervise.

2. Reward calm resting on the new bed, reprimand nibbling and chewing straight away by removing the bed.

3. When you are not there, leave out some old blankets or towels for your dog to lay on.

4. Young puppies like the shelter of a cardboard box with some old blankets inside, this helps them to self soothe.

5. Begin the slow transition to leaving your dog alone with their new bed when you feel comfortable they know it’s not a chew toy. Start for short periods and build it up until they can be trusted alone with the bed.

6. Use positive reinforcement when your dog is laying on the bed quietly, doing nothing.

7. Keep an eye out for changes in your dog’s behaviour over time, such as stress or anxiety, this could lead to unwanted chewing on items they wouldn’t normally chew, such as their bedding, furniture or shoes.

If your dog has chewed up beds in the past it is even more important for you to introduce a new bed to them slowly and under supervision. They likely already associate bedding as a toy and probably love the fluff explosion that comes with shredding their bed. Persistence is the key to success here.

Still unsure?

If you’re nervous about your puppy chewing their bed, don’t stress! Every dog is different and it might be best not to invest in a dog bed for them yet. Wait until they’ve matured and have come out of their teething stage. Use something cheap and cheerful for now, or some old blankets and towels. That will keep them warm and comfortable in the interim. Then speak to us, we can help you choose a bed that will fit your pups individual sleeping style.

For more dog training tips you can check out resources from the RSPCA here. If you have a dog with behavioural issues that are not improving you should consult an expert, speak to your Vet or a professional dog trainer.