Get the Most from Your Tracker

Safe Paws Pet Tracker

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

Whether you’re at home, the dog park, the beach, or on any outing, the Safe Paws Tag is your trusty companion. Simply attach it to your pet’s collar, and you’ll receive instant notifications on your phone when they wander too far. This real-time tracking is a valuable feature that helps you ensure your pet stays within safe boundaries, preventing them from straying into potentially dangerous situations or getting lost.

Superior Safe Paws Tracker

Tag-Tastic Tricks: Beyond the Collar

Much more than just a pet tracker, this versatile device can become your ultimate sidekick. Attach it to your water bottle, keys, handbag, or wallet, and receive handy notifications when you leave them behind or they wander away from you. Clip it onto your backpack for peace of mind while on adventures, secure it to your bike or scooter to deter theft, or even tag your parked car to never forget its location. With its creative applications, the tag offers a helping hand beyond pet tracking, making it your go-to gadget for tracking, securing, and simplifying everyday life.

Quick Start Guide

For detailed step-by-step instructions with icons, click here

  1. Download the App

    Search for the ‘Smart Life’ app on the Google play or the Apple App Store and download it.

  2. Register or Log In

    Open the “Smart Life” app to either register a new account or log in with your existing one.

  3. Pair the Device with Your Phone

    Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone before pairing.
    Place the device near your phone and press and hold the button until the device beeps.
    The app will automatically detect the device.
    A successful pairing will be indicated by a “beeping” sound.

  4. Start Using Your Safe Paws Tag

    To keep tabs on on your furry family members.

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