Dog Training Crate Dual Door

Provides your pet with a secure and comfortable space to thrive, grow, and feel at home.


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Provide your pet with a secure and comfortable space to thrive, grow, and feel at home with the Dual Door Dog Training Crate. This versatile crate is an ideal choice for both crate training purposes and for providing a secure sanctuary for your furry friend and is available in four convenient sizes: 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches.

Key Features:

Dual Door Design: A front and side door for easy accessibility, offering convenience and flexibility in placement.

Variety of Sizes: From small to large breeds, choose the perfect fit for your pet with a range of sizes – 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches.

Cost-Effective: Our Dual Door Pet Crate combines durability and functionality without breaking the bank, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious pet owners.

Training and Retreat: Use the crate for effective training sessions or as a safe retreat for your pet to unwind and find their own space.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: The versatile dual door Dog Training Crate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use under cover and out of the weather. Let your pet enjoy their space comfortably, whether it’s in the living room, on the patio, or deck.

Collapsible and Portable: Folds down for easy storage or portability allowing you to take the crate with you whether you’re attending pet events, or enjoying a family holiday.

Removable Tray:  The removable tray slides out for easy cleaning.

Use with the Superior Pet Essentials range of dog mats or the Superior Pet Plus range or orthopaedic mats for comfort and a touch of luxury.


Size Width Length  Height
Small: 30 Inch 76 cm 46 cm 53 cm
Medium: 36 Inch 92 cm 57 cm 63 cm
Large: 42 Inch 107 cm 68 cm 77 cm
Jumbo: 48 Inch 121 cm 74 cm 81 cm



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Steel Wire Mesh

Plastic Moulded Tray

Steel Wire Mesh: Brush with a soft bristled brush before wiping down with a damp cloth. Ensure wire is dry before covering with a crate cover and that there is no water pooled underneath the crate.

Tray: Slide out the tray and clean with a mild detergent or disinfectant and water. Rinse and dry well before inserting into crate.

Ensure the crate is kept in a dry location.

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